Workplace CSA


Hosting a Shared Ground CSA pickup site for your employees is a great way to build workplace community, improve staff diet and health, and boost staff morale and productivity. For staff members, a workplace CSA site makes healthy eating easy and convenient, and enables staff to both support local immigrant and minority farmers and be part of a community of people who are interested in local food!

Shared Ground’s workplace sites include local businesses who see offering their space as a pickup site as a way to bring traffic in during the middle of the week (public pickup sites), as well as private businesses who wish to offer the program to their employees as a "non traditional benefit" or as a way to improve employee health (employee only pickup sites). Some health insurance providers give rebates to CSA members!

Why host a workplace CSA? Benefits for EMPLOYERS
• Improved employee health: correlated with improved performance and retention
• Build community in the office through veggie swaps, recipe sharing, opportunities to attend cooking classes
• Improve employee morale – CSAs seen as a nontraditional benefit for staff members
• Some health insurance providers offer a discount for CSA memberships
• Show company’s support of sustainability, local food, diversity, minority-owned business
Public pick up sites bring traffic into your business on Wednesday afternoons

Why sign up for a CSA? Benefits for STAFF MEMBERS
• Access to the Twin Cities’ highest quality, sustainably grown (no harsh chemicals, no GMOs) produce
• Access to fresh, healthy foods – help employees and their families eat better
• Convenient workplace delivery
• Weekly newsletters with recipes and farm updates
• Support small-scale, local, immigrant farmers
• Be a part of a community of people who are choosing to eat healthy, and support local foods and immigrant and minority farmers

Interested in hosting a CSA at your workplace? Give us a call at 651-621-2771, or email We look forward to working with you!
Note: A minimum of 10 members are needed to host a pick up site