Mushroom Share


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Price: $67

Length of Share: 9 mushroom deliveries that come every-other week during the Summer CSA season. Season starts mid-June and ends mid-October.

Description: Add high quality, log-grown mushrooms to your CSA! Cherry Tree House Mushrooms grows delicious and fresh shiitake, oyster, and other mushrooms in Clayton, WI. Each share is ¼ pounds of mushrooms and the last box comes with a jar of mushroom spread or butter.

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms grow mushrooms on logs due to the fairly abundant sources of trees in Minnesota as well as the fact that logs produce high quality mushrooms and don’t require the high input of energy required in many mushroom operations. With fuel resources becoming more and more scarce, Cherry Tree House believes mushroom cultivation like this, or foraging, are the most sustainable for our environment and communities.