Cheese Share


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Price: $270 If you'd like to pay with a payment plan- no problem! Shoot us an email and we'll work it out from there.

Length of Share: 9 cheese deliveries, distributed every other week during the Summer CSA season. The season starts mid-June and ends mid-October.

Description: Add raw milk, natural rind, aged cheeses from 100% grass-fed Jersey cows to your CSA! Look forward to wedges of Manchego, Tomme, Grueyere, Jack, Gouda, and a few of Cosmic Wheel’s original cheeses! You will also occasionally receive fresh cheeses such as Feta, Ricotta, and Quark. The cheese is truly artisan, not mass-produced. Each share will contain two or more types of cheese and typically total 1.5lbs.

The Shared Ground cheese share is made by Cosmic Wheel Creamery on Turnip Rock Farm in Clearlake, WI. Using sustainable farming practices, Turnip Rock raises 100% grass-fed Jersey cows, uses the leftover leftover whey from cheese making to feed their heritage pigs, and composts the bedding and manure from the cows which is then used as fertility to their crops.